Meta Tag Module

The Meta Tag Module is used to edit the common Meta tags of your web pages. Meta Tags are used to instruct search engines how to index your website and to help potential visitors to find what they are looking for.

The Meta Tag Module will allow you to edit the Title, Keywords, and Description Meta tags of each page. The Title is displayed as the heading on the search engine results page and on the tab in most browsers. The keywords Meta tag would be used to instruct search engines what keywords that you wish your website to be indexed under, and used to help match your page with the people searching for those keywords. The Description Meta tag is a short description of what your web page is about, and it will also display under the title in the search engine result page (SERP).

Meta Tags, along with many other adjustments are used when optimizing your website to improve the search ability of your website. This is referred to as on-page optimization.

Simply pick your web page from the drop down and edit and publish your changes. You have now updated the Meta tags on your website.

  • Content Module

    simple content management imageSimple Web Page Editing Use simple word processing like editing tools to make quick easy changes and updates to your web pages. HTML view also available for more advanced options.

  • Data Base Module

    database management imagesData Base Module is available to enter categories and items. Easily add, edit and delete items from your category.  Custom designed to manage and display your inventory, products, employees, menus, and more.

  • Media Module

    image upload icon

    Media Module allows you to upload and manage your own images on your website. Image optimization, resizing, renaming and cropping features included.