Media Module

The Media Module is used to manage your images and files that you can reference throughout your website. The Media Module allows you to upload, resize, crop, and rename images. You will see a small thumbnail of every resource, along with its filename, path and dimensions.

Simply use the Insert/Edit Image ICON from the Content Module to insert an image from your Media Module. You will need the Path to insert and image.

Keep in mind that most cameras today take very high resolution images that are not friendly to website pages. There is a built in optimizer in the Media Module that will attempt to reduce these large files, but you may need to adjust your image sizes before uploading to CrazySimpleCMS. There are plenty of free tools available.

The ideal images for website use would be 72 dots per inch (DPI). Computer monitors can only display images at 72 PDI, so if you don't optimize for the web, you are only slowing down your web page.  Most cameras will save images at 300 or 600 DPI and can take several seconds to load.  This may not sound like much, but the load time of a web page is very important, and most web pages have numerous images that need to be downloaded in order to display.

Image Captions Now Available

This is an example of an image using the caption feature

This is an example of an image using the caption feature

You can use the Image Caption feature to add captions under your images. The caption feature can be set up with or without boxes around your images.  See the imageto the left for an example of how the caption feature works.

  • Content Module

    simple content management imageSimple Web Page Editing Use simple word processing like editing tools to make quick easy changes and updates to your web pages. HTML view also available for more advanced options.

  • Data Base Module

    database management imagesData Base Module is available to enter categories and items. Easily add, edit and delete items from your category.  Custom designed to manage and display your inventory, products, employees, menus, and more.

  • Media Module

    image upload icon

    Media Module allows you to upload and manage your own images on your website. Image optimization, resizing, renaming and cropping features included.