Coupons and Offers Module

Coupons and Offers are a great way for you to incentivize new and existing customers to purchase your products and services. With the Coupon / Offer module in CrazySimpleCMS, you can create, modify, and track the results of your program.

Create An Offer

Simply create a short title for your offer (30% OFF Purchase), a brief description to further explain the offer (Take 30% OFF your next purchase of $200 or more), explain the terms and conditions of your offer (This offer is not valid with other promotions and discounts. Limit one coupons per household), and a few additional options to choose from.

How Your Coupons Work

Your Coupon Offers appear on your website.

Your Coupon Offers appear on your website.

Your new offer will now appear on your website, and available for your visitors to utilize. When they visit your website, ALL of your active offers will automatically appear on your Offers page. In order to see the details and receive your offer, the visitor will be prompted for their email address, name, and phone number when they click on any offer.


Instant Notification

After providing their information, they will receive an email with a link to their unique coupon that is instantly and automatically generated by the CrazySimpleCMS coupon module. You will also receive an instant notification containing the details of the coupon request – allowing you to instantly pursue a new sale.

How To Redeem Your Coupons

Your visitors return to your website to PRINT their coupon

Your visitors return to your website to PRINT their coupon

When a potential customer visits your place of business with their coupon, it will contain a custom QR code that will allow you to quickly and easily validate its authenticity with a quick scan from a smart phone (you can also confirm manually without a smart phone). The system will either report that the coupon is valid, or that it has already been redeemed. If it is an active coupon, you will be prompted if you want to mark it as being redeemed. Once you answer “YES”, the coupon will be recorded as be being redeemed the next time you check.


Track Your Coupons

From within the CrazySimpleCMS Coupon Module, you will have the ability to see the results of every coupon in your system. An easy to understand table will show you each coupon, its status, and who requested it. There will also be a time stamp of when coupon was requested, when coupon was printed, and when the coupon was redeemed. In addition, you will have the ability to enter a short note to each coupon.

Additional Features

Limit To Each Email: Suppose that you wish to limit one coupon per person? With this feature you have the option to limit one coupon to each email address. We would have no way of restricting a person from requesting multiple coupons with multiple email addresses.

Expiration Date: You have the ability to set the number of days your coupon is active from the time the customer requests the coupon. If you set the number of days to 3, the expiration date would automatically be calculated to 3 days from when they requested the coupon. This will help to encourage an urgency for your customer to take action and make a purchase.

Number Of Offers: You can also limit the number of coupons to issue. Suppose you are giving away 100 coffee mugs to the first 100 requests, because you only have 100 mugs. You can set the number of coupons to issue to 100, and the system will limit the number to 100. The system will report a custom message after this number has been reached.

Personalize Message: You have the ability to customize your message on the bottom of each coupon offer. This message will appear on the same page with your coupon. This allows you the flexibility to thank your potential customer, or provide additional instructions.

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